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A good chair is the most essential part of your workspace” – definitely someone. Well, whether that statement has actually been made by someone or not is up for debate, but we believe a good chair, if not the most, is one of the most important parts of your workspace. Your productivity and proficiency in your work, to a large extent, depends on the chair. And that is why we cataloged the best office chair for 2022 so that you remain at the top of your game.

Content Table –

Best Budget Chair
Chairs for great airflow
Best for back pain
Best Executive Pick
Best for long hours

Best Budget Chair


COMHOMA Desk Chair


This chair is made out of breathable mesh materials that don’t deform easily, allowing great airflow and breathability. Furthermore, the ergonomic design of the chair provides for considerable back support and is ideal for long hours. The chair is ideal for different heights and weights, for children and adults alike, having height adjustability. So, you can adjust the height according to your comfortability.

The chair also boasts a rocking function, a 360° swivel that allows you to rotate in any direction, and propel wheels so that you can reach out and move around without having to get up. The sturdy design, coupled with movability makes this chair a good bargain

Warranty and Return Policy: 30 Days return guarantee and 2 years warranty

Previous Customers Experience:

Ok, as someone who worked in the furniture industry for more than 10 years I would like to give a more specific review.

– The wheelbase is made of plastic but it seems to be very sturdy.

– The castor wheels are the cheapest black ones model available.

– The seat foam is very cheap, actually it is the only thing I didn’t like in the chair, if the seat was made of a foam with better quality this product would reach a whole different level in terms of quality in general.

– The back piece is very comfortable actually, at least for me it is, and I am 6ft height and 100kg.

– The chair’s strucutre is very sturdy in general.

– The assembly instructions were made by someone who cares about the customer and really dedicate some time to make something decent.

In overall I believe it is a very good chair for the price, it is cheap but it is good cheap if you know what I mean.

I would buy another one from this model if I had to buy a second one.


Is this chair suitable for someone who is 6ft 4

Answer: “My son is 6 ft and it is adjustable in height and he hasn’t got it on the highest height so I would presume so”

Can you lock the arms lock into different heights to suit?

Answer: Each arm lifts up and down independently and you can position the arms wherever you want.


 Hbada Home Desk Chair


This sleek black chair has a lot to offer other than it’s beautiful black aesthetics. Much like our previous pick, this chair is also made of breathable mesh material, giving space for your body to relax and breathe. The ergonomic backrest perfectly takes away your back pain, releasing tension in your lower back. The design is suitable for anyone to sit on. The chair is suitable for home workspaces, living room, conference room. 

You can move the armrest up and down, which increases your access to your desk. You can remove them as well, if you prefer cross-leg sitting. The chair has swivel and casters, allowing for great movability.   

Previous Customers Experience:

Would this chair be decent for 8 hour work days at the computer?

I use it for 8 hrs these days when I work from home. Pleased with it so far”


What is the highest seat height from floor to top of seat?

Answer: Height from seat to floor: 16.93″-19.68″

Can I lock the rotation of the chair so that kids don’t keep on swivelling

Answer: NO, it cannot be locked

Can I adjust the arm height?

Answer: NO you can’t, the arm is fixed to the height

What is the weigh limit on this chair?

Answer: 250lb weight capacity

Chairs for great airflow


 OFM Ergo Office Chair

(Our Top Pick)


When it comes to comfortability and ease, few can rival the OFM Ergo Office chair. With its innovative design and mesh material, it’s one of the best chairs when it comes to breathability and airflow. The chair has great lumbar support, taking stress off your lower back. You can adjust the back support as you want, making it viable for people of all age, height, and weight range. The chair boasts synchro-tilt control, keeping your feet on the floor all the time as you adjust to your comfortability. You can adjust the armrest in a lot of ways, tweaking the height, front and back, arm width, and arm pivoting adjustment to your whim.

The chair also comes with an optional headrest, which you can adjust to your comfortability if you want

This versatile chair can be used as your work chair as well as your gaming chair, and it’s sleek aesthetics are certainly enviable 

Previous Customers Experience:

We didn’t find any info 


What are the wire looking things under the seat?

Answer: The cables are part of the seat mechanism control system to adjust the seat height and back tilt.

Can the head rest be removed

Answer: Yes, the chair is shipped disassembled (fairly easy to assemble), and the head rest is one of the last components to assemble (two bolts). I simply chose not to use the head rest and left it off. (It can easily be a attached later if desired.)

I don’t like arm rests. Can the arm rests be left off during installation?

Answer: Yes


 Nouhaus Rewind Ergonomic Office


If you are looking for a chair with a bit of life, this is the one you should chose! With it’s vibrant colors, sleek outlook and beautiful design, the Nouhas Rewind Ergonomic Chair is one of the best chairs in the market when it comes to airflow and breathability. It can serve both as a workspace chair and a gaming chair, boasting a plethora of features that make it compatible for any posture of sitting. The chair comes with a retractable footrest, adjustable headrest and 3-D adjustable armrests as well. You can customize it to your comfortability as much as you like. Furthermore, the chair boasts impressive lumbar support, taking tension off your lower back in whichever posture you may sit. The chair has a reclining mechanism that you can control, increasing or decreasing the angle and flow. To top it all of, the chair has smooth casters, which greatly increases your movability and efficiency in the workplace

The chair comes pre-assembled and in a variety of lively colors, which is a sure-fire way to vivify your workspace or gaming experience 

Previous Customers Experience: 

This chair is extremely comfortable and after a days worth of work I don’t feel any discomfort like with other office chairs.

When I first got the chair, I was skeptical that my body wouldn’t like how firm the mesh is after sitting in a leather chair for years. Surprisingly, I never feel it, except when I sit on my foot or slouch, which is a good reminder to stay in an ergonomic seated position


Do you sell this model as “drafting” chair?

Answer: Unfortunately, we do not sell this as as a drafting chair. You can purchase a longer gaslift separately and replace it as most gaslifts are universal.

Best for back pain


 Sytas Ergonomic Office Chair


If you are looking for a chair that eases your back pain, The Sytas Ergonomic Office chair is the right choice for you. The chair is designed to give your back and body the right support it needs while sitting, taking off strain and tension at several points from your back and lower back. The chair has independent lumbar support, and a backrest designed keeping your comfortability in mind.  The chair also boasts an adjustable headrest, armrest, and height, giving you the option to customize it as you want. The chair can also recline, giving you more space to relax.
The material is comfortable nylon mesh, keeping your temperature right and allowing for airflow. Furthermore, it has smooth propel wheels, giving it movability and granting you more access. The chair has a heavy metal base, making it able to carry upto 250 lbs.

Previous Customers Experience:

I have fibromyalgia and spinal arthritis. My older gaming chair was causing me so much pain.The moment I sat in this chair, I got instant relief. The headrest and arms are adjustable to your liking. Which is a nice feature. Would definitely recommend it 


Does the seat cushion last long-term?

Answer: yes, the cushion is very practical

Is this chair alright for those with wider bottoms?

Answer: Hi. I love this chair. With a seat width of 52+cm it is wider than most seats I have used before. Also the most comfortable


BASETBL Office Desk Chair

Description: An chair that bodes well both during intense gaming sessions or fervid hustle hours, The BASETBL office desk chair with it’s strong base and padded cushions could offer comfort to the heaviest users. The head of the chair is double padded, greatly reducing strain and allowing for a comfortable headrest. Ofcourse, it has well lumbar support and a high backrest, giving your lower back the comfort it deserves. You can easily adjust the ergonomic office chair with its height-adjustable lever, vertical tilt and lock function, suiting whatever is best for you. The chair is made from high-density sponge and PU leather, offers great breathability, and the padded armrests take strain off your elbow. To top it of, the chair comes with sleek and noiseless wheels, and a swivel function, allowing you greater access and freedom

      Previous Customers Experience:

The back support is pretty decent but I think the headrest could be a touch higher – I’m only 5ft 9 and I find it a bit low. Again, something which could be extended upwards slightly would be useful.

Assembly was simple and easy and took between 5 and 10 minutes. The components are strong and sturdy and quickly assemble into a solid and sturdy chair for everyday use. The hydraulic height adjustment is simple to use and the chair has a tilt mechanism.

Overall a good quality item and well worth the money.

Best Executive Pick


Duramont Reclining Leather Office Chair

Description: This elegant and regal chair is certainly a mark of excellence and specialty, and if you want to stand out in your workspace or, impress your fellow co-workers/subordinates, this is the one to take. The generously padded chair makes it easy for you to spend long hours on it, and the waterfall seat edge makes it easier for your legs. You can recline to a great degree, and the chair has secure locking action to keep you in place. The chair is made up of bonded leather, giving it an extremely comfortable feel and elegant style. It has a heavy metal base, capable of carrying up to 250lbs. Of course, it has smooth caster wheels, giving you more access.

It wouldn’t be in our executive pick if there wasn’t something more, and there is. The chair comes with a retractable padded leg rest, and it can be instantly turned into a place for napping or relaxing

Previous customer review

One review said this chair only stays up or reclines completely flat. (that’s it) is this true? the picture shows a 3 position reclining chair.

Answer: When I recline the chair, I use the lever on the left to allow motion and then push the lever back to lock the back of the chair in any position from upright to fully reclined. It is NOT limited to any particular intermediate positions.

What is the height of the seat back? From seat to headrest. I’m 6’3″ and worried I won’t be able to rest my head in a sitting position.

Answer: I am a bit under 6 feet and the seat depth is too deep for me, but the back rest height is just fine for me ( would be short for you)).. suggest you look at other options that might fit you better. The chair is soft and comfortable, but chairs like this must fit your body, look at more options before you settle on this product. I like this product, but I should have looked into the size a bit more. 


Will this chair lay completely flat when fully reclined so you can truely nap?

Answer: It’s not like as flat as a bed or the ground, but it is very close. I take naps on it all the time fully reclined. Also feels good to stretch your back with the recline. Very good chair, I really shouldn’t be taking naps, but hard not to with this chair!

What is the seat width?



Hbada Ergonomic Executive Office Chair

Description : This sturdy and elegant chair is certainly one that gives off the impression of a strong leader. With its double-layered soft cushion, thickened backrest and headrest, and design parallelling the human spine, you will be guaranteed a strain-free workspace. The design is great for your lower back, helping you release backpressure. The chair is covered with durable and luxurious PU leather, and the cushions are made of sponge and PP cotton, maintaining the right softness that is needed to increase your comfortability. The armrests are padded and can be flipped. You can rock and recline in this chair, and it boasts 360 degrees as well. It has smooth propel wheels, allowing for greater access

 Previous Experience: It is super easy to put together. It has a nice high back which was important to me since I am 6’2″. I can sit in it all day without getting any fatigue. Arm rests move up which is nice to get closer to the desk. I was surprised at how sturdy it is because it really is only a few bolts that hold it together. The only thing I wish is that it had more adjustments. It rocks back and forth and goes up and down. It is pretty basic. It is hard to find chairs with more adjustments at this price point, but if I had to do it over again I would have spent a little more on a chair with more adjustment features. But that is because I work from home and use it a lot. If you are not planning on using it every day, then this might not be a big deal for you.


Are the armrests adjustable or removable?

Answer: No. Definitely not removable as the seat and back are not connected by anything other than the armrests. And not adjustable on height either, the armrests just flip up.

Best for long hours


  FelixKing Ergonomic Desk Chair

Description: One of the best chairs in the market for long hours. The Felixking Ergonomic Desk chair was designed keeping your productivity and comfort in mind. It has an ergonomic structure, and it boasts a reliable headrest, armrest, and lumbar support. What sets it apart is, the designers have specifically created and designed the chair keeping work fatigue in mind, and so the shape of the chair inherently keeps your body active and your mood right. The material is breathable mesh, allowing for air circulation and keeping your temperature just right.  The armrest is adjustable, and the headrest reshapes according to the shape of the person, comforting people of different height range. The backrest has a unique design and helps release tension from your lower back, correcting your posture. The strong base of the chair can support up to 300lbs, and it has smooth-rolling wheels granting you more freedom and access 

If you are a hard worker, and you are looking for something to help you along your long work hours, this is the chair to go.


How much weight will this chair support?

Answer: More than 300 pounds, suitable for big guy. Very comfortable.

What is the actual depth and width of the seat?

Answer: This chair is a hollow version, the width of the seat is 48cm, please see the main picture for more details.

What tools are needed for assembly?

Answer: All tools needed are provided with the chair. It is pretty easy to assemble.

What is the height of the backrest, from top of seat to top of headrest?

Answer: 29 inches. 

Can the headrest of the chair be adjusted?

Answer: Yes,the headrest can be adjusted up and down in 5cm,and the front and rear angle can be adjusted by 15 degrees.


SIHOO Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair 

Description:   Another contender for long hours is definitely the SIHOO ergonomic adjustable chair. This chair has a lot to offer. The material is mesh, and the mesh seat keeps air circulation up for added comfort. This makes the chair good for good sitting, even in humid environments, the airflow ensures that your temperature is maintained and you don’t sweat. The chair has a strong base and can carry up to 330lbs. It has also been tested, undergoing several trials, and it’s safe to say, this is a very sturdy chair. The back of the chair gives off an S shape, and it is designed to support your spine and lower back. The seat has a flowing waterfall edge, and it gives your thigh the support it needs sitting for long hours.

Overall, this is a great pick if you are looking for a sturdy chair to support you in your work hours

Previous Customer Experience – 

After researching tireless hours on the web for a desk chair that offers the features for lower back support, comfortable sitting, high & adjustable arm-resting, head support…The web is so saturated with so many chairs and companies offering you the stars & moon with chairs that do not meet what they promise. Also found desk chairs with these features with a high price tag – were very expensive & over price. I wanted a comfortable desk chair that would support my lower back and long sitting hours. I took a risk with this chair and did not disappoint. I think the cost of this chair is relative to what it’s offering. I didn’t want to post this review not until I have experienced the chair for a couple of weeks.

If you want a desk chair that will not break your bank, I think this would be a good choice!

FAQ – 

is it possible to remove the arms if I wanted to go arm-less?

Answer: you don’t have to install the arms


I have tiles for my floor. Will this be a problem?

Answer: I use mine on tile and I have no problems.

Does the seat tilt along with the back? Or just the back tilts but the seat stays flat?

Answer: Only the back tilts. The seat stays flat.



Amazon Basics Classic Puresoft

Description:  This bonded leather chair is a great bargain for 86 dollars. With it’s base of durable Puresoft polyurethane, the chair is capable of carrying up to 275lbs. The chair is also height-adjustable, and with its generously padded design, it is comfortable for long hours as well. The seat depth is decent for it’s price, and the smooth casters ensures greater access and movability. 

Precious customer review

This chair will fit you just fine. I am a big guy and it is very comfortable for me, but not too big either. I believe that you will find that you will be very comfortable using this chair. Don’t be afraid to pull the trigger on this chair…you will not be disappointed.


What is the height from the floor to the top of the arm rest?

Answer: Height from the floor to the top of the arm rest : 26.25“~30”

:What it the inner width between armrests please?


What’s the seat depth?

Answer: Chair depth:26″D

Seat cushion depth: 19-1/2″D

Seat depth:17-3/4″


VECELO Comfortable Home Office Chairs

Description: With it’s modern sleek design, this chair is a perfect match for any space. The ergonomic backrest ensures that your lower back doesn’t remain tense, and the design fits the natural curve of the body. The material is mesh, and the cushions are made of high-density sponges. This not only ensures comfort but also ensures breathability and airflow. The base is made of strong material, capable of carrying up to 280 lbs. The backrest can be tilted up to 120 degrees, and the armrests can be flipped up and down. The height is adjustable as well, from 17 inches to 19 inch.

Previous Customer Experience –

I’m so in love with this chair! My husband gave this to me as anniversary gift and I’m loving it. It’s easy to assemble and everything you need comes with it. No need to use screw driver coz it uses allen key which is also included in the package. The color is more like heather pink which is really nice so it doesnt look that plane. It’s also comfortable and not creaking like my old chair.

What you should consider before buying an office chair?

Your proficiency, mood, and productivity largely depend on the type of chair you are going to use in your workspace, and that is why you must consider some crucial factors before buying the right chair. The things you should consider are –

  • Height and backrest Adjustability – Thoroughly check if the chair offers height and backrest adjustability, which helps release tension in your shoulder, thighs, and back. Since you are going to spend a good amount of time sitting, consider chairs which suit your comfortability the most
  • Armrests – Armrests are a must if you want to take the strain off your neck and shoulder. Preferably, consider chairs with adjustable and padded armrests for increased movement capacity and comfortability 
  • Lumbar Support – Look for chairs with adjustable seatback, which can be raised or lowered to increase comfortability in our lower back
  • Movability – Look for chairs with casters(wheels), swivels that can help you move around easily and increase productivity
  • Breathability and Airflow – It’s absolutely essential you choose a chair made of breathable material, and we have covered some good chairs for this. 
  • Comfort and Aesthetics: Choose chairs with material that only is comfortable for you, but also matches the environment of your workplace. Ideally, you would want to avoid bizarre and colourful chairs, opting for something sober and professional. Also, make sure that the chair is padded generously 

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