Best affordable office chairs for long hours

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We spend a lot of time on our chairs, and it’s important that we make sure the type of chair we buy is good for our back and body parts, and can provide comfort the entire day. But often chairs with proper lumbar support and backrest are quite expensive. We hear you, and that is why we have catalogued the best affordable office chairs for long hours with proper support. These chairs can take strain off your back and wallet at the same time.

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affordable office chairs for long hours

Hbada Ergonomic Office Recliner Chair 

Hbada delivers yet again with their stylish Ergonomic Office recliner Chair. The chair has synchro tilt that reclines the backrest increasing the angle between your torso and thighs. This makes sure that your posture is just right. The chair has height adjustability accompanied with tilt,lift and lock settings. The chair is made out of breathable material, promoting airflow. The armrests and pullout footrests come with adjustability, and the headrest is rotatable and height adjustable.The cushion is anti-collapse, providing firm support and the chair back has an arched shape giving proper support to your spine. The waterfall seat cushion takes stress off your legs, making it comfortable for longer hours.

The steel frame is quite strong, capable of carrying up to 250lbs, and the smooth wheel base allows for silent movability. The chair can be reclined greatly,upto 155 degrees.

Some Disadvantages:

The reclining mechanism is a bit shaky, particularly for heavy users. The tilt mechanism is harder to reach than it should be, and the headrest doesn’t lock at times. Many users have found the footrest to be uncomfortable

affordable office chairs for long hours

Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

This chair provides support to 4 focal points, and has proper lumbar support. The height, headrest, backrests and flip-up arms are adjustable, making it suitable for people of any height-weight range. This chair is broader than other chairs, and it’s strong base allows for up to 280 lbs. of weight. The recline action can tilt up to 120 degrees. The air is made up of mesh material, and the durable material ensures that airflow is maintained and your body temperature remains cool and constant. 


The headrest is a bit short. The side of the bottom has no padding ,making it uncomfortable for cross leg sitting. The depth is too much for many users, although we found it comfortable and firm enough.

affordable office chairs for long hours

Steelcase Series 1 Work Office Chair

This chair has a unique flexor system that moves with its user. This provides continuous lumbar support to your spine, and added recline action makes it even more user-friendly.You can also lock in recline position. Aside from adjustable lumbar, the chair boasts adjustable arms, pneumatic seat height adjustment, mesh upholstery and upholstered seat. The mesh ensures breathability and temperature control for a longer time. The seat is bent, offering comfort to your legs and making sitting comfortable for stretched hours.


The build quality of the chair is quite debatable, and the curved surface is a bit uncomfortable for some users.

affordable office chairs for long hours

Hbada Ergonomic Office

With elastic adaptive Lumbar support and separate lift able backrest, this chair provides perfect support to your back. The lumbar support perfectly fits the waist curve, hugging the left and right lumbar muscle, preventing spinal stenosis. The chair boasts 3D adjustable armrests, a large C shaped headrest and retractable footrest. The chair has a reclining mechanism upto 115 degrees. The chair is made up of nylon special net, giving it breathability and comfort, and making it suitable for longer hours of maintaining temperature. The cushion doesn’t deform easily, ensuring quality over long usage.

The base of the chair is made of aluminium alloy, giving it weight bearing capacity of upto 330lbs. The nylon chair wheels ensure smooth movability. 


The seat depth is insufficient for some users, and the paddles armrests tend to be uncomfortable. 

affordable office chairs for long hours

OFM Ergo Office Chair (Recommended)

When it comes to comfortability and ease, few can rival the OFM Ergo Office chair. With its innovative design and mesh material, it’s one of the best chairs when it comes to breathability and airflow. The chair has great lumbar support, taking stress off your lower back. You can adjust the back support as you want, making it viable for people of all age, height, and weight range. The chair boasts synchro-tilt control, keeping your feet on the floor all the time as you adjust to your comfortability. You can adjust the armrest in a lot of ways, tweaking the height, front and back, arm width, and arm pivoting adjustment to your whim.

The chair also comes with an optional headrest, which you can adjust to your comfortability if you want

This versatile chair can be used as your work chair as well as your gaming chair, and it’s sleek aesthetics are certainly enviable 


We didn’t find any discernible lackings of this chair. Although the armrests can use some more padding

affordable office chairs for long hours

Nouhaus Rewind Ergonomic Office

With it’s vibrant colors, sleek outlook and beautiful design, the Nouhas Rewind Ergonomic Chair is one of the best chairs in the market when it comes to airflow and breathability. It can serve both as a workspace chair and a gaming chair, boasting a plethora of features that make it compatible for any posture of sitting. The chair comes with a retractable footrest, adjustable headrest and 3-D adjustable armrests as well. You can customise it to your comfortability as much as you like. Furthermore, the chair boasts impressive lumbar support, taking tension off your lower back in whichever posture you may sit. The chair has a reclining mechanism that you can control, increasing or decreasing the angle and flow. To top it all of, the chair has smooth casters, which greatly increases your movability and efficiency in the workplace


The lumbar support is not adjustable

affordable office chairs for long hours

FelixKing Ergonomic Desk Chair

One of the best chairs in the market for long hours. The Felix King Ergonomic Desk chair was designed keeping your productivity and comfort in mind. It has an ergonomic structure, and it boasts a reliable headrest, armrest, and lumbar support. What sets it apart is, the designers have specifically created and designed the chair keeping work fatigue in mind, and so the shape of the chair inherently keeps your body active and your mood right. The material is breathable mesh, allowing for air circulation and keeping your temperature just right.  The armrest is adjustable, and the headrest reshapes according to the shape of the person, comforting people of different height range. The backrest has a unique design and helps release tension from your lower back, correcting your posture. The strong base of the chair can support up to 300lbs, and it has smooth-rolling wheels granting you more freedom and access 

If you are a hard worker, and you are looking for something to help you along your long work hours, this is the chair to go.


The lumbar support is a bit low, and isn’t adjustable

affordable office chairs for long hours

SIHOO Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair 

Another contender for long hours is definitely the SIHOO ergonomic adjustable chair. This chair has a lot to offer. The material is mesh, and the mesh seat keeps air circulation up for added comfort. This makes the chair good for good sitting, even in humid environments, the airflow ensures that your temperature is maintained and you don’t sweat. The chair has a strong base and can carry up to 330lbs. It has also been tested, undergoing several trials, and it’s safe to say, this is a very sturdy chair. The back of the chair gives off an S shape, and it is designed to support your spine and lower back. The seat has a flowing waterfall edge, and it gives your thigh the support it needs sitting for long hours.

Overall, this is a great pick if you are looking for a sturdy chair to support you in your work hours


The gas lift can be problematic at times

What are the things we consider:

The primary method by which we consider which chair to pick and test was overall back support. We scrutinised if the chair provided proper backrest, and if the shape of the chair naturally fit the curve of our spine. We also thoroughly checked the lumbar support of said chairs, and how much padding was available. We prefer chairs with firm padding that is not too soft, and breathable material so that you can maintain your temperature throughout the day without needing to get up. We also checked if the chair has good movability ,granting you greater access

And of course, we ensure the chairs aren’t pricey ,and are modest when it comes to cost. By no means can these chairs be considered of “lower-quality”. These chairs are some of the best deals in the internet

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