Best Affordable Office Chair for Back Pain

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Best Affordable Office Chair for Back Pain

Is your lower back being too big of a pain to deal with? Are you looking for the best affordable office chair for back pain that won’t make you go bankrupt? 

Making your back happy shouldn’t imply making your wallet sad, and that’s why we have come up with the 8 best chairs from dozens of others that will minimise the long-term damage on your spine at an affordable price. These chairs are not only good for your back but also won’t be a strain on your finances. 

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Let’s dive right into it.


Best Affordable Office Chair for Back Pain

Sytas Ergonomic Office Chair

With its sleek modern design, Sytas ergonomic office chair provides you just the perfect back, lumbar spine, and cervical spine support that u need, to keep going on your latest project without worrying about your back pain. With the 3D adjustable armrests, adjustable headrest, lumbar support, height adjustment, tilt function up to 135⁰, 52cm+ seat width a and a sturdy build to hold up to 300lbs, there possibly isn’t a person this chair won’t adjust with. And the breathable double nylon mesh ensures an enjoyable sitting and also keeps you at a comfortable temperature. Even if someone has a 300$ budget, this chair surely won’t disappoint.


Best Affordable Office Chair for Back Pain

BASETBL ergonomic Office Desk Chair

Second, on the list is a chair that we found to be the best for its value. Its generously padded seat, high back support, lumbar support, and double padded head fit the neck curve and support the spine to greatly reduce fatigue. As for long hours, the PU leather and high-density foam ensure comfort as its hard to deform. The thick front of the chair supports your thighs and prevents it from getting sore in a long sitting. With its other functionality like 110⁰ tilt, well-padded armrest, solid base to support up to 150kg(330lbs), noiseless smooth casters this chair is perfect considering its price.


Best Affordable Office Chair for Back Pain

MELOKEA Ergonomic Office Chair

The unique ‘S-shaped elastic lumbar support, soothes your back pain and provides adequate support easily. The thickly padded adjustable ( 6cm ) head support and lumbar support make you sit in the correct posture. The U-shaped, 10cm thick, high-density foam helps you to have a pleasant sitting and breathable mesh keeps you cool. Its 90⁰-115⁰ tilt function enables you to rock freely in your free time and stretch your tired legs. The stable starbase can take up to 150kg or 330lbs. This chair comes in 5 vibrant colors. 


Best Affordable Office Chair for Back Pain

Hbada Ergonomic Desk Chair

With a design that fits the shape of the human spine nicely and also with the adjustable lumbar support, this ergonomic office chair offers you the back support you desire. The thick 8cm thick cushion with its breathable mesh material ensures a cool and comfortable sitting. It also comes with a flip-up armrest so that you can easily slide the chair under the desk to save space and also use it for other purposes. The 90-115 tilt function makes it easy for you to take quick naps mid-work. This chair is suitable for people who are 150-180cm in height and with a maximum load taking capacity of 150kg or 330lbs.  the super smooth nylon casters help you move around soundlessly. The company also provides a one-year warranty and has a reliable post-sale service.


Best Affordable Office Chair for Back Pain

COMHOMA Desk Chair Office Chairs

Considering the price, this chair is of great value. Overall it has a well-built structure and even though the base is made out of plastic it’s decent. The cushion is comfy in spite of being a little thin. But most importantly, the back support is really great. Other functionality includes the 90-120 tilt, height adjustment and the flip arm-rest to save some space. The chair comes with 2 years of warranty.


Best Affordable Office Chair for Back Pain

SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair

The curved design and the lower back support encourage you to sit upright instead of leaning like people usually do. The backrest is made out of high-quality breathable, skin-friendly mesh which keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. Even though this chair has mentionable sitting, the structure can only take a load up to 136kg or 299.82 lbs. The headrest is adjustable up to 3.5 cm and the armrest can be pushed 9.5cm.


Best Affordable Office Chair for Back Pain

Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

This compact and sturdy chair has a lot to offer, with its breathable mesh material and strong support, it’s a great choice for those looking for a chair good for backpain under a budget. The chair has passive lumbar support and was designed keeping your comfort and productivity in mind. The armrest and height are adjustable, and the chair has a tilt and lock function. The seat is somewhat shallow when it comes to depth, compared with its counterparts 


Best Affordable Office Chair for Back Pain

  Ergomax Ergonomic office chair

 This Chair has 4 focal points where strain is taken off your body, namely the head/ back/ knees/ hands, added with a lumbar support that releases tension and provides support to your lower back. This makes this chair great for back pain, and adjustable seat height, headrest, armrest, and knee tilt make this a viable chair for people of every height and weight range. This office mesh chair makes it convenient for you to rest your arms at your preferred level- with 6 different adjustable positions. The headrest for this office chair can swivel 45 degrees to your preference and adjustable up and down by 1.5”. The chair has heavy-duty mesh, supporting your entire body and allowing air circulation 

How to know which Chair to choose? Things to look out for in choosing a chair best for your back pain:

  • Height and backrest Adjustability – Thoroughly check if the chair offers height and backrest adjustability, which helps release tension in your shoulder, thighs, and back. Since you are going to spend a good amount of time sitting, consider chairs which suit your comfortability the most
  • Lumbar Support – Look for chairs with adjustable seatback, which can be raised or lowered to increase comfortability in our lower back. This will help take tension off your tension.
  • Breathability and Airflow – It’s absolutely essential you choose a chair made of breathable material, and we have covered some good chairs for this. See if the chair is padded well, and if the cushions are made of materials that enhance comfort. Make sure, the chair is neither too soft, nor too firm.
  • Movability – Look for chairs with casters(wheels), swivels that can help you move around easily. A chair that moves, reclines, rocks can help you relax and not take unnecessary strain. Furthermore, you can access things across your desk without the need to get up

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