A guide to the right office chair for Back Pain

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One of the contributing factors to increasing Back Pain is irregularity in sitting and proper chair structure.  A chair lacking proper back support can not only be comfortable but also cause long term damage to your spine. This only exasperates in case of users already suffering from back pain. It’s necessary that we choose a chair that is perfect for our back.

But choosing a chair perfect for our back can be hard. After all, what are the things that need to be considered? We discuss all that and more here in this article. 

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Things that need to be considered:


First and foremost, you need to consider the type of material. Let’s go through some material to get a basic overview of them 

Polyurethane – In other words, Faux leather is a material that mimics the texture, look and qualities of real leather at a fraction of the price.

Leather –  Of Course varieties cannot replace the original, and the original leather has a distinctive feel to it that remains unmatched. These chairs are significantly more luxurious and comfortable, and they are a true sign of dominance.

Bonded Leather – Bonded leather chairs’ surface is mostly made up of polyurethane, and scrap leather is ground up and blasted on the back of the poly. Bonded leather is cheaper than real leather, and has a smooth, consistent feel to it. 

Mesh- Mesh is one of the most used materials in chairs nowadays. It has a grid like pattern, which increases it’s airflow, consequently increasing breathability and keeping your temperature in check. Mesh Chairs often have better lumbar and overall spinal support compared to other chairs. 

Fabric – Commercial grade fabric features a durable wave designed to withstand long hours of sitting. Fabric chairs give a comfortable and cosy feeling, and it comes cheaper than other alternatives.


We recommend using breathable material like mesh. Since chairs made out of mesh have better lumbar support as well, it’s likely to be more comfortable to your back. Furthermore, Mesh chairs are neither too soft, nor too rigid, giving them the perfect firmness needed for someone suffering from back pain. Make sure the chair has well padding ,especially in the lower back region.  


Ergonomic Design

Arguably this one is the most important if you are choosing a chair for back pain. Check if the chair has proper lumbar support or not. A good chair will have adjustable lumbar support that is compatible with users of every height range.
Check if the shape of the chair fits the natural curve of your spine or not. Ideally, a good chair will be shaped like an S near your lower back region. This reduces the gap between our back and the backrest, and ensures that our spine doesn’t get deformed anyhow.

Furthermore, a good chair will also come with firm armrests and neck support. 

Lumbar Support

Lumbar support is crucial for those suffering from back pain. This ensures that stress is taken off your lower back and your posture is maintained properly. Furthermore, good chairs often come with adjustable lumbar support, as to support people of various height ranges. Users can raise or lower it as they want.

There are some types of lumbar support. Namely:

Fixed Lumbar Support: This one is fixed and rigid. This type of lumbar support is built into the chair permanently.Height and depth cannot be changed. We recommend avoiding this type of lumbar support, since you won’t be able to adjust it to your needs. And if lumbar support cannot be adjusted to our needs, it can become really uncomfortable. 

Adjustable Lumbar Support

As the name suggests, you can adjust this type of lumbar support, tweaking it until you meet the right match for your spine.

You can move the support up and down, to fit the region of your back perfectly. You can also customise how far the support stands out. Furthermore, you can control how soft/firm the support is. We recommend this type of Lumbar Support the most.

External Lumbar Support

A towel can be rolled up and used in the place of the lower back. Supports like these are external lumbar support. There are dedicated external lumbar supports in the market, and we hope to cover them in the future as well.


Adjustability is a key issue that users suffering from back pain must consider. If the chair doesn’t match the height we require, or is too deep/shallow for us, it might aggravate the back pain even more.

The part that needs to be adjustable are –

1.Seat Height 

2.Seat’s tilt


4.Recline Option

Height adjustability will make sure that you are comfortable with the height of your seat, and your legs remain firmly on the ground. This is important because you need to maintain your posture while sitting, and if the seat is too high or too low, this might hamper that. 

Seat depth adjustment is important as well. The right seat depth allows for the body weight to be properly distributed. This ensures that pressure doesn’t increase at certain parts of the body, and strain is distributed. 

Good chairs will also have a recline option, so that you can relax in the middle of working. 

Good chairs will have retractable footrests and armrests as well, to give you more customizability.

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