9 Best Office chair under $100 || (2022)

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AmazonBasics Classic Leather Office Chair

Description :

This comfortable sober chair is made of durable pure soft polyurethane, making it ideal for not just office use, but rough use at home as well. The seat can be adjusted in a variety of ways, making it suitable for users of differing heights and weights. The chair can take up to 275 Pounds in weight, and it has a strong metal frame. The dual-wheel casters add to its movability, granting you more access. 

The backrest of the chair is quite hollow, making it not suitable for long hours. The padding is insufficient compared with its counterparts. 

Previous Customer’s Experience:

The fabric/pleather on this chair has torn after a month of daily use. It was super comfortable, relatively easy to assemble, and I really enjoyed it for the time it was functioning. I would like to return the product but can’t ship it, especially with the pandemic. I never write reviews but this purchase ended up being a bummer. Give me my money back without a return Mr. Bezos, or send me a new chair. 

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Executive Adjustable Stool Rolling Swivel Chair


This affordable chair has a lot to offer. The breathable mesh design makes it easier for you to breathe and maintain a good body temperature. The chair has a human-oriented ergonomic design, taking the strain off your lower back. The chair has a locking mechanism, which relieves the stress off your lumbar region, keeping your posture right. The chair has a sturdy base, capable of carrying up to 250 Lbs. The chair is easy to assemble and has a 90-days guarantee

Previous Customer Experience:

PROS: Price, Shipping, Easy to Assemble

CONS: Uncomfortable (Elbows, Thighs), Questionable Finishes, Exposed Materials

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QOROOS Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair

Description :

This unique chair has been designed keeping your comfort in mind. The ergonomic back provides firm back support and reduces your back pain. The cushion provides comfort and reduces pressure. Furthermore,  the chair is height adjustable, has a 360-degree swivel, and flip-up armrest for maximum customizability. The chair has a rocking mechanism with tilt tension adjustment. The chair has a durable nylon base and is made up of high-density mesh material, increasing airflow and keeping your body warm

Previous Customer Experience

The chair comes well packaged in pieces you need to assemble with screws and the supplied allen wrench. The wheels require a lot of force in insert into the legs, and you have to bend the plastic a bit to get all the pieces to fit together correctly. Assembly is not complex, just takes a lot of elbow grease to force everything into place. Once setup, chair seems pretty sturdy, a little on the smaller side compared to other chairs. For the cost, its about what I expected, using for my son since his school is online due to the Pandemic. I have more expensive chairs that I purchased an Amazon that are higher quality. This chair has arms that flip up, but you can’t adjust the height. You can adjust the overall height of the chair and how much in rocks, which is pretty standard.

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 Hbada Home Office Chair, Ergonomic Desk Chair

Description :

The chair carries on HBADA’s tradition of ergonomic designs, making it perfect for your lower back and mid-back. The ergonomically curved midback supports your body perfectly. The chair has lumbar support, to protect your spine from fatigue or pain. Height can be adjusted, and it can rotate in all directions. Furthermore, the chair has a rocking function, and the armrests can be flipped. The chair is made up of high density-mesh material, which allows for better airflow and maintenance of temperature.  The cushion doesn’t deform easily.

Assembling the chair is somewhat difficult and time-consuming than its counterparts

Previous Customer Experience:


easy to assemble, with all necessary tools inside package. It took only around 30 mins to finish the work.

comfortable enough for heavy desk job,

light-weighted, easy to move around with wheels. The chair doesn’t lower over time.


The moving range of back support is not comparable to high end office chairs I used in office building.

Overall, I would recommend this chair for a fair price.

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 Sytas Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair


This compact stylish chair has a lot more to offer than its beautiful looks. This chair is compatible with any environment, and its smaller design helps you save more space. The chair has a flippable armest, and when not in use, can fit easily under your desk. The chair has an ergonomic backrest design, taking stress off your lower back region. Furthermore, it’s made of high-density nylon woven mesh, increasing airflow and keeping your temperature comfortable. The cushions are soft and do not deform easily, giving it just the right amount of firmness needed. The chair has a 120° tilt tension and 360° Swivel

Previous Customer Experience:

This is such a great office chair. Perfect for a work at home office and for sitting in for extended period of time. The mesh back and seating is super comfortable and breathable. The 360 degree swivel design is great and allows me to easily and freely move around. The height is adjustable from 18.11 inch to 21.06 which is perfect because I’m tall and it also allows my 15 year old to adjust it if she needs to use it sometimes. The armrests move up and down which is very convenient as well. Awesome price and value overall. The assembly was super fast and easy. This is a nice quality sturdy and durable chair. Very pleased

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Modern Home Zuna Mid-Back Office Task Chair

Description :

This unique chair comes in a total of 18 colors, making it match any atmosphere. It has a soft cushioned top, generously padded, keeping you comfortable. It’s not too firm, destroying your workflow. The backrest keeps your posture right and is made up of mesh material, allowing for airflow and breathability, keeping your temperature right. The chair has a 5 years Warranty.

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NOBLEWELL Ergonomic Office Chair

Description :

This beautiful chair was designed keeping your posture in mind. The backrest mimics the shape of your spine, so your back fits perfectly with the chair. This chair keeps your posture perfect, and reduces pressure and pain, making it ideal for long hours as well. The chair has height adjustment and tilt adjustment.  The armrests can be flipped as well, and it has a 360-degree swivel for mobility. The double-support frame provides support to your lumbar and lower back, and the nylon base can carry up to 300lbs. The material is of course high-quality mesh, making it breathable and keeping your temperature right. 

The chair has a 5 year warranty period, and 30 days money-back guarantee.

The cushions can be a bit hard, but it depends on the comfort level of the user. We found it to be just firm.

Previous Customer Experience:

I bought this chair mostly for its flip-up arms, and because it lowers enough for my 5 ft height. I also bought a computer desk at the same time that is short enough for me to use comfortably and this chair will scoot right under it to save space in the small condo in which I’ve placed both pieces. I find the back support just right, and the swivel is smooth and quiet. I would have liked the seat maybe an inch longer, but I mostly sit towards the front, anyway, so it’s ok. I noticed in assembling it that it will be very easy to recover the seat in some colorful fabric at some later date. It’s just a matter of stapling it on. I’ve only had the chair a week and I note that today the price is $20 more, so if you’re not in a rush, wait for another sale. It’s a good value at either price, though.

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Flash Furniture Flash Fundamentals

Description :

This professional-looking chair is made up of leather and polyurethane, adding to its softness and durability. Furthermore, the chair has a waterfall seat, supporting your thighs, making it comfortable for long hours. The chair can be used in an upright position or rocking motion, and you can control it as you want. The armrests are comfortable, and we found the chair to be generously padded and firm

The chair has no lumbar support and isn’t recommended for those with back pain


I bought this chair for my work desk since I am working from home. It’s is very rigid and uncomfortable. It offers no lumbar support and doesn’t come far enough off of the ground (coming from someone under 5’5). It’s hard to sit in for 8-9 hours a day.

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Home Office Chair, Mid-Back Armless Twill

Description :

This beautiful and versatile can serve all your home, study, and office needs at once. The chair has smooth-rolling casters and can rotate 360 degrees. Furthermore, it is height adjustable as well. The chair is made up of a high-density sponge, making it comfortable yet not too soft. It also has strong lumbar support. The color matches the aesthetics of a workplace perfectly, and if you don’t mind having any armrests, this is the chair to do. We found this chair to be great for cross-leg sitting as well.

Previous Customer Experience:

The chair was super easy to put together and had step-by-step instructions. The quality is nice and it feels quite sturdy and supportive. I love the modern chic vibe vs an office chair look and I find that it’s the perfect size for me. Other modern chairs were either too big or too deep, so I’d end up sitting on the edge and not using the back support. However, the seat is still wide enough for me to sit with my legs crossed. It’s also pretty light which I love, so I can move it around on the carpet with ease.

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